D’Anna Keinan - NAMI-NYC

D’Anna S. Keinan is the Managing Director of Soledad Canyon Real Estate, a property management partnership. She currently manages properties in New York, New Mexico, and France. Ms. Keinan has a thirty year career in the Real Estate and Information Technology industries with extensive experience in sales, technical support and education, marketing, negotiation, and project management. She began her career at IBM, where she was a systems engineer, a program manager, and a client manager.

Ms. Keinan has witnessed friends and family members suffer from addiction and depression. Three years ago a close family member was diagnosed with a mental illness. Through this experience, she learned first-hand how difficult the mental health system is to navigate and how helpful NAMI can be. NAMI-NYC helped her family quickly move from their shocked state toward finding resources, guidance, and support.

“If there is one thing I have learned through this journey, it is how important community is.” Ms. Keinan is a determined problem-solver and is passionate about learning and sharing information on behavioral health in care, advocacy, research, and removing stigma. She lives by the philosophy, “Know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others.”

Ms. Keinan has lived in Paris, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Zurich, and the USA. She practices meditation and yoga regularly and enjoys running and travel.