Alex Kremer - NAMI-NYC

Alex Kremer

My name is Alex Kremer, I’m 30 years old and grew up in San Diego before moving out to Manhattan in August 2021. I am truly honored by the opportunity to run the NYC marathon on behalf of NAMI-NYC. As someone who has dealt with and seen mental health impact my family and friends over the years, I view it as a badge of honor to run on behalf of this organization. Running, meditation, and mindfulness have been core to my life since I grew up running the coasts of Southern California and most recently along the Westside Highway! Through the many ups and downs that the journey can bring, running has kept my mind clear and turned my depression and anxiety into somewhat of a superpower. There’s nothing better than a run after a long day of work and feeling the weight of the world gently crumble off your shoulders. Excited to run on behalf of so many and enjoy the amazing day.