Ashley Latimer - NAMI-NYC

Ashley Latimer

My name is Ashley Latimer. I live in Long Beach, California with my husband Robbie, son Jackson, age 6, and daughter Scotlynn, who is one and half. I am a kindergarten teacher, enjoy running with my sister and mom, and my favorite self-care activity is reading. I am passionate about supporting NAMI-NYC for a number of reasons. First and foremost, my brother suffered from mental-illness for about 20 years before he died by suicide four years ago. I believe the support NAMI-NYC provides with a wide variety of classes for individuals, families, and even businesses and schools is helping change the narrative around mental illness. My family and I never used any groups or classes prior to my brother’s passing and I wish we had. I believe I would have known a lot more about my brother and his experiences if I had. I am excited to raise awareness and work towards breaking the stigma by raising money for NAMI-NYC.