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NAMI-NYC Awarded $750,000 Federal Earmark to Enhance Mental Health Family Support and Peer-Based Programs 

New York, NY, March 25, 2024–NAMI-NYC is thrilled to announce it has been awarded $750,000 from the federal government as part of the appropriations bill.  

This significant funding will enable NAMI-NYC to expand and enhance its peer-based education and support programs for individuals living with mental illness, as well as their family members, caregivers, and friends. Additionally, the funding will support tailored programs for employers to promote employee wellbeing and implement supportive mental health practices in the workplace. 

NAMI-NYC extends its heartfelt gratitude to our supporters, particularly U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, for his belief in and commitment to our work, and ensuring that New Yorkers have access to the free mental health support they need and deserve.  

“We are grateful for this long-awaited investment in family support as a means to address the City’s mental health crisis,” shared NAMI-NYC CEO Matt Kudish. “When families have access to information, education, ongoing support, and community, we see improved health outcomes for individuals with serious mental illness (SMI). This funding is a critical step forward in our mission to provide essential mental health support to New Yorkers—and their families.” 

“This $750,000 award is a monumental step for expanding NAMI-NYC’s free mental health programs for families and individuals affected by mental illness,” shared Stacy Helfstein, NAMI-NYC Board Chair. “As a Board Member and volunteer, I know firsthand that NAMI-NYC’s vital programs supporting family members are not available anywhere else.”   

New York City is currently facing a severe mental health crisis, with one in five Americans living with mental illness. The impact extends to family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors who are also affected. Individuals living with mental illness often struggle to access meaningful, culturally appropriate care and support. Meanwhile, family members and friends are frequently left out of treatment conversations, leading to strained relationships and additional challenges. 

NAMI-NYC’s peer-led, evidence-based programs and services are facilitated by over 330 active, trained volunteers who understand the challenges firsthand, having lived through similar experiences. Our treatment-adjacent model complements traditional mental health services, utilizing a community of credible messengers to connect and build trust, especially within marginalized and underserved communities where mental health stigma is most prevalent. 

Call our Helpline at 212-684-3264 to connect to our free family support programs or learn more at  

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