Know Your Rights for Supportive Housing Tenants - NAMI-NYC

Know Your Rights for Supportive Housing Tenants

Supportive housing is housing that incorporates supportive services for people living with serious mental health issues. It can offer tremendous stability.

Between 50,000 and 70,000 people in New York City live in various kinds of supportive housing. However, applicants face major barriers to entry and residents can face unfair restrictions, bad housing conditions, and abrupt changes in their living situation. In response, residents have been working together to exercise their rights as tenants and demand systematic changes.

Members of SHOUT (Supportive Housing Organized and United Tenants) will share information about what supportive housing is, some of the barriers to access, the laws and regulations that apply, and the rights and realities of supportive housing tenants.

Join us to learn about your rights as a supportive housing resident or applicant, and about ongoing advocacy efforts for dignified housing. With Spanish and ASL interpretation + live automatic transcription!

April 26, 2022