Medicaid 101 and Introduction to Medicaid HARP - National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City , Inc.

Medicaid 101 and Introduction to Medicaid HARP

If you think you might be eligible for Medicaid or if you have Medicaid and could use additional services, join us to learn about navigating Medicaid and the Medicaid Health and Recovery Plan (HARP). This presentation is provided by the Access to Recovery coalition, a coalition of directly impacted people, peers, and providers working together to improve access to Medicaid and Medicaid HARPs.

Medicaid Health and Recovery Plans provide expanded mental health wellness supports such as care coordination, help with finding peer supports, family supports, job training, transportation, and more. However, only a small number of people who are eligible access these services. The Access to Recovery coalition wants to change that – and ultimately to change Medicaid systems so that they work better for everyone navigating mental health recovery services in New York.

This event will cover information about navigating both basic Medicaid and Medicaid Health and Recovery Plans. We will discuss eligibility for and services included in both basic Medicaid and Medicaid HARPs. We will also discuss the Access to Recovery Coalition and opportunities to get involved. There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout. Join us! Spanish and ASL interpretation provided.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

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