NAMI-NYC, Leader in Workplace Wellness, Announces Summer Fridays Forever  - NAMI-NYC

NAMI-NYC, Leader in Workplace Wellness, Announces Summer Fridays Forever 

New York, NY, August 21, 2023—The National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City (NAMI-NYC), a leader in workplace wellness, announced today that it will be implementing “Summer Fridays Forever” or half days on Fridays all year round. The initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to promoting work-life balance and employee well-being. 

Under the new policy, all NAMI-NYC employees will be able to end work at 2 PM on Fridays throughout the year. 100% of employees surveyed stated they were happy with the perk and that it was beneficial to their mental health. Employees surveyed stated that “Summer Fridays Forever” would offer them more time for rest and self-care, family and friends, travel and leisure, hobbies, their household, wellness and exercise, mental health care, childcare and family care, and professional development.    

“At NAMI-NYC, we recognize the importance of work-life balance and the impact it has on our employees’ overall well-being,” said Matt Kudish, CEO of NAMI-NYC. “We’re pleased to offer Summer Fridays all year round and provide our staff with more time to take care of themselves and their loved ones.”  

The decision to extend Summer Fridays throughout the year comes after reflection on a changing workplace. “The pandemic has impacted our collective mental health and dramatically transformed the demands placed on us in our personal and professional lives. We need to adjust to reflect this new environment we’re living in,” Kudish explained.  

“Studies have shown that employees who have a good work-life balance are happier, healthier, and more productive,” said Lynnette Verges, COO of NAMI-NYC. “By offering half days on Fridays, all year round, we hope to create an even more positive work environment, support our staff, and set an industry standard.”  

NAMI-NYC has been a respected leader in the mental health community for over four decades, providing free support, education, and advocacy to individuals and families living with mental illness. We offer free mental health classes, nearly 40 support and social groups, family mentoring, a Helpline in 180+ languages, and much more. We are the only direct provider of family support to those caring for loved ones with serious mental illness (SMI).  

This new policy for staff will not have an impact on program delivery for our community. Using a rotating schedule, the NAMI-NYC team will continue to offer program coverage, including Helpline assistance on Friday afternoons and support groups on Friday afternoons/evenings, and Saturdays.  

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