Wiley Gibbens - NAMI-NYC

Wiley Gibbens

My name is Wiley Gibbens. I’m 25 years old and a native of Los Angeles. I moved to Manhattan in September 2021 without ever having visited, but I’ve always wanted to experience city life here. Since I was young I have always felt strongly about giving back to my community and have participated in a wide variety of local organizations and fundraising initiatives. During the 2021 lockdown, I used running not only to stay fit and be outside while gyms were closed but as a way to clear my mind from all the world’s chaos. I discovered the incredible power that running has both physically and mentally, and quickly learned that anybody can achieve their running goals with just a little bit of mental toughness. I’m honored and excited to be running my second marathon with NAMI-NYC to not only spread awareness about NAMI-NYC, but to encourage people struggling with mental illness to seek support and manage it one mile at a time!