You Are Not Alone: Making the Miles Count  - NAMI-NYC

You Are Not Alone: Making the Miles Count 

Kendall’s journey into the world of marathon running might seem unexpected for someone who doesn’t consider herself a runner. As a segment producer for “Good Morning America” and ABC News, her life has always revolved around the fast-paced world of media. Her role involved handling guests, breaking news, and constant travel, leaving little room to focus on herself. 

However, as Kendall delved deeper into her career, she began to realize the importance of self-care. The demanding nature of her job, combined with the emotional toll of covering stories involving first responders during the pandemic, started to take a toll on her. 

Kendall had struggled with depression and anxiety for years and had relied on therapy and medication to cope. But she knew it was time to make a change. The turning point came when she completed a Half Marathon. Kendall recalls, “It was the first time I felt like I had control of myself in a really long time.” With this breakthrough, Kendall stepped out of her comfort zone and took on the challenge of the NYC Marathon. 

Kendall’s journey into the world of running might have been surprising, but her motivation was clear—mental health awareness. Having always struggled with her own mental health, she had learned firsthand the importance of seeking help and treatment. 

Kendall acknowledges the incredible support she has received from her family and friends throughout her mental health journey. She understands that not everyone is as fortunate, which is why she is running for something bigger—NAMI-NYC. 

Growing up just an hour and a half from NYC in Moorestown, NJ, Kendall moved to the city after studying journalism at Lehigh University. Her family continues to be a central support in her life. Kendall’s father, in particular, has been instrumental in her journey. He taught her that mental health challenges are no different from any other health issue. If you had a broken knee, you would seek help without hesitation. Kendall’s father shared his own experiences with mental health challenges, which helped her break the silence surrounding these issues. 

Today, Kendall is a fierce advocate for mental health awareness, though she knows no two journeys are alike. She understands the importance of talking openly about mental health, a topic that was often brushed under the rug during her teenage years. And she knows the power of telling her story, so others don’t feel alone. “If one person can hear this, and feel more supported and loved, that’s why I run,” Kendall shared.  

Kendall Coughlin is a segment producer for Good Morning America and is a fierce mental health advocate.